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Are you a trained interpreter or an experienced translator? Are you passionate about helping immigrants communicate and access resources in their native language?

We are continuously seeking translators and interpreters to add to our bank of language professionals. Click here to tell us a little bit about yourself and apply.

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  • Community Service at Language Prose

    Serve Your Community

    Acclimating to a new culture is challenging. Use your language skills to benefit and support your new community members.

  • Flexible Work Opportunities

    Enjoy Flexible Work

    As freelance translators and interpreters for Language Prose, our team members can schedule their work availability to suit their lifestyles.

  • Networking Benefits

    Expand Your Network

    Working with Language Prose connects our team members to other language professionals and associated experts in various fields and disciplines.

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Language Prose has a 35-year history providing culturally sensitive translation services to organizations supporting immigrants and refugees. We are constantly seeking freelance translators and interpreters. Contact us to join our team in support of New Americans.

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