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Don’t risk the inaccuracies of Google translate and other tools that miss words or context when you need a translation.

Language Prose provides human document translation done by experienced native language speakers. We translate many types of documents, including legal documents and certificates for immigration, school diplomas and transcripts, brochures, manuals, medical certificates, language for web pages, and many more. Just ask!

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Ways We Can Help

  • Written Document Translation

    Document Translation & Proofreading

    Language Prose can translate documents both ways: from English to the target audience’s language or foreign documents to English for legal, school, or medical purposes. We also proofread machine-translated documents.

  • Audio Video Transcription

    Audio/Video Language Conversion

    We can transcribe from audio and video pieces, such as webinars, and translate the transcription.

  • Translation

    Translation Notarization

    We have licensed notaries on staff to notarize translated documents.


What We Speak

Our translator and local interpreter bank includes more than 55 language professionals who speak over 35 languages. Our on-demand remote interpreter team is fluent in over 270 languages. We are continuously adding new languages and always do our best to find a professional in the language you need if it’s not already on our lists.

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