Language Tutoring

In the Fall of 2022, Language Prose will offer tutoring to prepare your child for middle or high school language classes or to improve language fluency. 

We will also be offering students the chance to tutor language students in world languages and non-native English speakers in English. Our initial offering will be Korean language tutoring on an hourly, one-to-one basis.

Language Tutoring

Ways We Can Help

  • Beginner Korean Tutoring

    Beginner Korean

    For those just getting started, learn the basics of the Korean language.

  • Korean Grammar and Pronunciation

    For those who have already begun their Korean language education, we can offer guidance with reading, writing, and pronunciation. Our tutors can also assist with Korean language schoolwork.

  • Tutoring

    Conversational Korean

    For those looking to focus on pronunciation for travel or school, Language Prose can help with Korean language coaching.

What We Speak

35 Languages and Counting…

Our translator and local interpreter bank includes more than 55 language professionals who speak over 35 languages. Our services are growing too, with on-demand 24/7 interpretation and an exciting program aimed to help members of our community learn a new language or improve their English. We are constantly seeking translators and interpreters to join our team.

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