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We offer competitive rates and will work with your budget to make sure you are able to offer your clients materials and services in their own language, comply with language access regulations, and overcome communication obstacles. Pricing for translations is calculated by the page or by the word, depending on the type of project, and pricing for interpretation is based on the event, language, and type of interpretation needed.

We offer all-inclusive membership packages for our 24/7 on-demand interpretation services, starting from 90 minutes of remote interpretation per month. The monthly membership fee is waived through December 2021.

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Our Services

Spoken Interpretation Circle

Spoken Interpretation

  • In-person or remote spoken language interpreters
  • Video ASL interpreters
  • Pre-scheduled or available 24/7 on-demand
Written Translation Circle

Written Translation

  • Document translations
  • Translation Proofreading
  • Audio/video transcripts
Language Tutoring

Language Tutoring

  • Coming Fall 2022

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